• Image of Colouring Book II **SALE!**

9.5" x 7.5" / 55 page soft-cover colouring book / Published by Akin Projects / Printed by Colour Code Printing

Containing 48 original works by members of Akin Collective and artist friends old and new, each page is a unique artist creation.

Humbled and excited by the success of the first Akin Colouring Book, we decided it was the right time for there to be two! The tradition of colouring books (that has existed since the 19th century) is more alive than ever in our world of screens, swipes and likes. We look forward to continuing to push the movement forward with this special artist publication. Now, it is your turn once again to bring your own creative sprit to their outlines. Stay within the borders or break them. Paint across them. Collage over them. Tear out a page and make a paper sandwich. It's up to you.