Akin Studio Rent Relief Fund

$10.00 - $1,000.00
Akin Studio Rent Relief Fund

This donation-powered fund provides, one-time, emergency grants to artists towards their studio membership at Akin. The Akin Studio Rent Relief Fund has been a vital resource for our artists, and, after allocating over $27,000 directly to artists' studio membership fees, is in need of donations. Your donation will directly support artists in continuing their practice in times of financial need.

Created in 2020 in collaboration with Rania El Mugammar, the goal of The Akin Studio Rent Relief Fund is to provide short term financial aid in unexpected situations or times of financial instability to artists. Since its inception, this fund has directly supported 140 studio members in being able to keep their studio spaces.

With your support Akin can continue to have a significant positive impact on our city through the arts.

We accept donations in any amount. If you would like to give an alternate amount than what is available here, please email [email protected]

For more information about this fund please visit: https://www.akincollective.com/rentrelief