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In collaboration with Rania El Mugammar the Akin Rent Relief Fund has been established to provide current Akin artists and creatives with anonymous, one time emergency grants in hopes of offering short term financial aid towards one month of studio rent in unexpected situations or times of financial instability.

This unique fund has been launched as part of our ongoing Equity and Inclusion work at Akin, including our recent demographics survey report - which highlighted the needs and experiences of our community. We intend for the Akin Rent Relief Fund to reduce barriers for Akin studio members and create opportunities for marginalized communities. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing, as needed, basis when funds are available.

Akin Rent Relief Fund is administered and overseen by a jury consisting of Rania El Mugammar, one current Akin Projects board member and one current Akin staff member. Funding allotment will be based on need, merit of the application, and available funding through consensus based decision making.


Please note that there is a drop-down menu to select donation amounts as follows: $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, and $1000 and up.

The minimum donation using this page is $25 (the first option in the drop down menu). To donate another amount or to donate by e-transfer, cash or cheque please contact us at www.akincollective.com/contact or email [email protected] - thank you!

For more information visit www.akincollective.com/rentrelief